Friday, December 19, 2008

Mad Dash

Grace is over her recent illness and our guests left to drive back to Tennessee this morning. I was looking forward to a relaxing day just cleaning house and getting things packed for our trip to my parent's house this weekend.

Late last night, the following conversation took place:

Todd: "So, will you be ready when I get home tomorrow?"

Me: "Ready for what?"

Todd: "Ready to leave."

Me: "Where?"

Todd: "To your parents house."

Me: "Um, I thought we were leaving sometime Saturday."

Todd: "I thought we would leave after I get home from work Friday and drive overnight."

Me: Thinking, "Oh, boy. So much for sleeping tonight."
Saying: "Sure, honey. Whatever you think is best."

Needless to say, I'll be madly dashing around today writing lists, washing clothes, packing, checking, and re-checking lists before we (hopefully) get out the door by 6:00.

Hey, mom and dad, we'll see you around 4:00 in the morning! Ho Ho Ho! We'll be as quiet as possible and try to not wake you up......


Mimi said...

We can hardly wait!! :)

Anonymous said...

I like traveling at night. Less traffic, more peaceful.. but only if I have someone with me that will talk to me and keep me awake when I am driving. I do get sleepy when I am driving sometimes day or night.