Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Program

Todd and I had a wonderful time at our church's Christmas program this evening. Todd played percussion in the orchestra, and I sang in the choir. Our guest musician for the evening was Wintley Phipps, Baritone. Wow. If God had a voice, this would be it. Check out this video on You Tube. (The video is 8 minutes long, but you can fast-forward it to minute 5:20 to watch him sing "Amazing Grace" in Carnegie Hall).

We sang lots of traditional carols and three songs from the modern oratorio Savior. Wintley also sang several selections including "It Is Well", "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands", and "The Lord's Prayer." What a blessing it was to listen to his incredible musicianship. He has a way of singing that is focused on the words and the message of the lyrics. His musical arrangements were beautiful and very worshipful.

I love the opportunity to be part of the music ministry in our church. I love that our music minister doesn't shy away from difficult or challenging music. I love that the focus is not on our "performance", but on leading a worship experience in our congregation. I love that we often take time to discuss the theology behind the words that we are singing. I love the friendships I have formed in rehearsals. And, I love singing praises to God.

How wonderful to think that the beauty of the music tonight was but a small taste of the heavenly choirs that we will hear for eternity!

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Anonymous said...

One of things I enjoy most during the holiday season is the music, and drama programs at all the different churches. I get such a blessing worshiping at different events. I love music and have it on almost all the time. I can't sing or play an instrument, but I will be right there in the audience encouraging and appreciating the hard work everyone does for a program that blesses so many