Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ketchup....The New Apple Juice

Today Grace and I ran some errands. Our last stop was Wal-Mart. We were on the food storage aisle and I was contemplating whether I wanted round or square Ziplock storage containers when I heard Grace say, "Oops." I whipped around and discovered that she had unscrewed the ketchup lid, pried off the freshness seal (that I can never get off), and proceeded to DRINK the bottle of ketchup. That's right. Drink.

She had ketchup all over her mouth, running down her chin, and on her dress. The check-out lady had a good laugh when I explained to her why I wanted to purchase a bottle of ketchup that was 1/3 gone.


Mrs. Sprinkles said...

Mr. S. and I just died laughing!

Anonymous said...

And she liked it? That is too funny, too bad you don't have a picture. Good thing it wasn't something like vinegar!!