Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Little Breather....

I'm going to take it slow for the next few days and enjoy the Christmas break with my family.  There are so many topics and stories floating around in my head, but I'm going to hold them captive until I have time to myself.  We are happily busy cooking, shopping, playing games, and just hanging out together.  Last night we enjoyed several games of Rummikub and some delicious homemade Chai Tea.  

We also made the final plans for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.  For Christmas Eve we're planning a cajun jambalaya dish.  For Christmas Day, we're going with a mid-morning brunch theme this year instead of our traditional homemade pizza.  I think many of us were ready for a change.  So, it was fun to brainstorm a brunch menu and write out our grocery list.

This morning we made a double batch of Christmas Biscotti to give to mom's hairdresser for Christmas.  The beauty salon that she frequents is straight out of Steel Magnolias.  She graciously fit me in for a trim this afternoon, so I'm looking forward to both the haircut and the entertainment! 

I'm trying to keep my thoughts organized until I can post on more interesting topics in the future.  In the meantime, though, I'm taking advantage of family time!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely take advantage of family time. The salon your mom goes to sounds like a real hoot!! I like that kind of atmosphere, down home.. well as long as they give a good haircut!! lol. I have never tried to make biscotti. I enjoy it so will have to check out some recipes and try it if they aren't too complicated. SIMPLE and as few as ingredients as possible is what I am looking for in a recipe. We are having the typical turkey, veggies, mashed potatoe, pie for Christmas dinner. Christmas eve we are going out to eat.

Best holiday wishes!!!