Saturday, November 7, 2009

Visit With Mimi and Granddaddy

The past few days have been busy and fun.  My parents came in for a quick visit and stayed with us while dad had some work meetings in a nearby town.  Unfortunately, a ferocious head cold decided to visit me at the same time, but I didn’t let it stop me from doing as much as I could with mom!

On Thursday and Friday I was a feeling a little better, so we had marathon shopping days!  Several items were on our lists:

  • a dress for Grace for Claire’s rehearsal dinner
  • shoes for a fancy dress that mom’s wearing on a cruise in a few weeks
  • Central Market bulk spices
  • slip-on casual shoes for Grace
  • weekly grocery shopping
  • wedding and baby shower gifts
  • Christmas gifts

In our adventures, I discovered a new love:  DSW Shoe Warehouse.  I can’t believe I’ve never been in this store before yesterday!  What a gold mine of beautiful, name-brand shoes.  Mom and I spent the majority of our time at the clearance racks.  It’s amazing…hundreds of shoes on clearance, and they are ALL beautiful.  No junk.  I found a pair of Cole Haan red dress shoes similar to the ones below that were gorgeous.

I didn’t buy them, but boy do I understand why people pay so much money for them.  How often can you step into a pair of 4.5 inch heels and feel like you could run a marathon?  They were SO comfortable.  The original price was $269.00.  They were almost 50% off on the clearance racks, marked at $139.00.  Then, you take an additional 40% off for a take-home price of $83.00.  Totally worth it, but still out of my price range.

Anyway, mom did find a beautiful pair of gold dress shoes to go with her black dress.  We also stumbled on a pair of red dress shoes for $20 that we are both going to wear to Christmas parties.  Mom will wear them first, then mail them to me along with a pair of black heels I’m letting her borrow! 

Mom and Dad went home this morning, but we’ll look forward to seeing them soon at Thanksgiving.  One of my great sorrows is living far away.  Mom and I never get done all the things we want to do together!  And Grace LOVES being around them so much.  But we're thankful for the visits that we have several times per year.  God is good.


Crystal said...

Wow, that is a great deal! :) I never understood the craze for shoes, either, but if they feel that good then it's totally worth it. I've had many a day squeezing into $20 heels and hoping to make it to the end of the day with my feet in tact. Still haven't been able to make myself spend the extra money, but nice to know that if I do there are good deals out there to look for.

Great blog! :)

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