Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Milestones


Well, I lost that pesky pound from last week!  I’ve been on a roll with my exercise for the past few days, and I hope to build my endurance back up to where it was before I caught the head/chest cold.  My mornings are looking pretty light, so I’m going to make myself work out EVERY day.  I really want to move my ticker down next week!

I’ve been getting myself in the mindset for the holidays.  We’re spending Thanksgiving with my parents, and my mom and I have already planned a diet-friendly menu:  turkey/stuffing pinwheels, roasted vegetables, green beans, and lightened up sweet potatoes.  We’re still contemplating a special low-calorie dessert, so feel free to comment if you want to share a tasty recipe with us!

I’ll be doing a LOT of baking over the next few weeks.  I have several cake orders, cookie exchanges, and holiday treats to make to give as gifts.  I think the key for me will be to keep plenty of fruits and HMR shakes to snack on, drink lots of water, and plan my meals carefully in order to not be ravenous at a given time.  Being really hungry is when it’s easy to just grab the closest/easiest thing, healthy or not.  I’ve got to keep myself fed the right stuff and stay consistent with my exercise!

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