Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My sweet brother Jon is leaving today for another deployment to the Middle East.  This time he will be in Afghanistan for several months.  He leaves behind his pregnant wife, 3-yr-old, and 1-yr-old daughters. 

Jaimie Nesom Malone

It’s at times like this that I find it difficult to obey God’s command not to worry, especially when I’m constantly bombarded with media coverage of the atrocities that are happening over there (and here!).  But part of walking in faith is trusting that God’s plan is working just as it should, no matter how difficult or worrisome it seems. 

We all covet your prayers for Jon and his family during this lengthy time of service.  Specifically, you can pray for protection for Jon and his entire Marine unit, a healthy pregnancy for his wife, and comfort for each member of their family during his absence.

I also encourage you to continue to lift in prayer all members of our military who give such great personal sacrifice to ensure our freedom to live as we do.  Here in Texas, our national and state flags are being flown at half-mast because of the terrible Ft. Hood tragedy.  It is a constant reminder of the force of evil that is at work in this world. 

Thank you, veterans, for your works of service to this country.

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Anonymous said...

we'll pray for him! we have a friend from church who is currently serving in afghanistan, too.