Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Lesson In Shoplifting

Yesterday I witnessed a creative shoplifting technique at my local dollar store.  Grace and I were in the back of the store perusing the Jet Dry Rinse Aids when a young man came over to look for an employee. 

The kid was nervous and awkward and he started babbling about a neighboring dollar store that had just been robbed.  We heard a detailed description of how the store had been closed and there were several cop cars in front.  He had been trying to go to the other store to buy a microwave.  (Yeah, right, the dollar store carries microwaves…) 

Anyway, because of the sensational story he was telling, the front two employees wandered to the back to hear what was going on.  The manager got out her cell phone and started trying to call the store that was (supposedly) being robbed. 

With all the employees in a huddle in the back, the kid made his way back to the front of the store.  I followed him and saw him walk up to the battery display and start stuffing his pockets.  Then he slipped quickly out the door and ran off.  I turned around to go back and tell the employees and I saw the manager walking up behind me.  She had seen him take off through the window.

Grace and I heard all sorts of colorful descriptives from the infuriated manager…it was a classic “distract & rob” technique.  I’ll admit that part of me wanted to take off running after the kid and drag him back to the store by his ear…it’s the band director coming out in me…or my Nana.  Anyway, I just stood there and watched.

You have to admit the kid is pretty creative.


Kim H. said...

Wow! That's horrible and funny at the same time... I just never understood wanting to steal - I guess I just never wanted to get into trouble and the idea of getting caught just would have eaten away at me... I just don't have the stomach for crime :-)

Mrs. Money said...

That is awful! How scary.

Mimi said...

If it had been the "Nana" in you, you would have had him down before he got out the door. :)