Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Break

Hello blog world!  I’ve missed everyone.  The last couple of weeks have been filled with family, traveling, and spotty internet connections. 

Over the last two weeks, we have:

  • driven 2435.7 miles across eight states
  • celebrated Grace’s actual 5th birthday
  • visited Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN
  • spent Christmas with Todd’s mom and other relatives on his family farm in Bedford, VA
  • rung in the New Year with my grandmother in Gadsden, AL
  • celebrated my 35th birthday (gulp!)

We had a good trip, but I’ll admit there’s nothing like using your own shower and tumbling into your own bed when you get home after traveling.

I’m happy to report that Grace has reached “professional traveler” status…she was happy 99% of the time.  She watched Barbie in A Christmas Carol about 47 times, read books, played her Leapster, sang “Mary and Joseph” about 2549 times in every possible vocal range and key, and entertained us with stories. 

We are so thankful for God’s protection on the road during all our driving!  And our awesome 1996 Isuzu Oasis minivan is truckin’ along quite comfortably at 229,000 miles!  Gotta love it.

For my Christmas/birthday present, my sweet husband bought me an iPhone!  It is SO INCREDIBLE.  I am so comforted to know that I’LL NEVER BE LOST AGAIN.  And who knew there were so many opportunities in the day to catch a quick game of Bejeweled Blitz?  And imagine my delight when I discovered I can check the weather, pay a bill, or update my Facebook status in a matter of seconds?  Thank you, honey!

I wish I had some good pictures to post from our trip, but I haven’t figured out yet how to transfer pictures from my iPhone to my computer.  I’m still looking for the iPhone for Dummies book.

Life is slowing back down a little now, so I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine with housekeeping, babysitting, church, blogging, diet, exercise, etc.  My plan is to start The Shred again tomorrow (ouch).  My jeans got a little tighter during our trip, and I need to get back on track with my health goals.  Can I get an “amen?”

If I can lift my fingers enough to type tomorrow after Jillian Michaels kicks my you-know-what, I’ll share a few things about our vacation…which thankfully didn’t involve any roadside assistance or questionable hotel rooms this time.

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the lewisi female said...

I just ordered the Shred after all your inspiration... so hopefully she'll be kicking my tail too, soon!