Monday, April 12, 2010

Preschooler Story of the Day

The other day, I was driving home with Grace and the little boy I babysit, Kie.  It was a beautiful day….blue skies, warm breeze.  All of the sudden, literally out of nowhere, it started hailing.  It was so weird.  At first, I thought someone was throwing rocks at our car.  No rain, just hail.

The kids got a little scared, but I calmed them down and told them it was just a crazy Texas storm that would soon pass.  This is the conversation I heard between them while I was driving:

Kie:  “Grace, we’ve GOT to pray.  This is terrible.  Pray with me.”

Grace:  “Okay, let’s pray.”

Kie:  “Dear God, PLEASE stop this hell (i.e. hail).  Please make it a beautiful day again so we can play outside.  We don’t like hell (i.e. hail), so please make it go away.  Amen.”

Grace:  (looking out the window at the worsening hail)  “Well, that didn’t work.”

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Larry said...

Great story. Funny, it is what I heard Alistair Begg say today in his sermon. We want to pray about trouble and get up and find it gone.