Monday, April 19, 2010

Every Little Girl Wants to Be A Princess

Our much-anticipated trip to see the musical Cinderella finally arrived!  Grace woke up extra-early and donned her special dress!
002I even let her wear a crown and put on an itsy-bitsy bit of make-up!  

009 First, we picked up her sweet friend, Natalie, who spent several hours in the ER last night being treated for a broken arm!  She wasn’t letting that stop her from today’s extravaganza!

012 We ate lunch in a beautiful tea room.  The girls sipped pink lemonade from a silver teapot and ate sandwiches and fruit.   These girls entertained everyone with their excitement, laughter, and dancing!

013 Despite the rain and bad weather, everyone still looked beautiful when we got to the theater!


After the show, the characters signed autographs for our little princesses!


Despite Grace’s disappointment that Cinderella had dark brown hair, it was a FABULOUS show, full of very talented actors and musicians.  The girls loved every minute of it, and we’re already planning our trip to see Peter Pan in a few short weeks! 

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Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

I am so glad Natalie still got to go...bless her heart! She is a trooper! I'm glad the girls had fun! Like you said...every little and big girl wants to be a princess! He he