Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break

Normally, we travel as often as we can during vacation time to visit family.   However, this year we decided to stay home during Todd’s Spring Break and plan a “staycation” of sorts!  We tried to do something fun and different every day.  It ended up being the best week we’ve had together in a long time!

On Monday, we played golf.  Actually, Todd played golf while I drove the cart and tried to explain to a 5-yr-old why we had to be silent when players were teeing off.  It was a gorgeous day and so nice to be outside in the sunshine!  Grace was the official “flag mover.”  It was hilarious watching her try to lift and maneuver the awkward pole while daddy putted.


On Tuesday, we went to see “Alice In Wonderland” in 3D.  I know, I know.  Probably not the best choice for a 5-yr-old.  There were some pretty intense scenes.  I took her out to the bathroom during one particularly scary part.  She loved it, though!  All the animals and creatures delighted her.  Thankfully, we haven’t heard word one about the scary dragon or river with decapitated heads.  She’s been sleeping as well as usual and talks about the movie happily.  Just sayin’….

On Wednesday, we rode the Trinity Railway Express to the Dallas Mavericks game.  Grace loved the train ride more than the basketball game!  It’s a double-decker train, so we sat on top and enjoyed the view!


The Mavs game was tons of fun!  At first Grace was overwhelmed by the loudness, the height of the nose-bleed section, and the screaming fans.


But she soon warmed up and ended up dancing and entertaining everyone around us when the music played.  She also informed me that she wanted to dance “just like those girls.”  (The Mavs Dancers).  Um…

On Thursday we went to Six Flags, along with every other human being in the D/FW area.  I’m not kidding when I say it took us 2 1/2 hours to go one mile on the interstate, park, and walk into the park.  We waited in line for about an hour for each ride we rode.  Good times.


On Friday, Todd took Grace on a daddy date.  Anytime Todd takes her out, you just never know what they’ll come home with.  After a couple of hours, she proudly arrived home with this:


Her first bicycle.  And daddy succumbed to the “Snow White” model because, of course, the most important thing about a new bike is the princess purse that is attached to the front, which conveniently holds lip gloss.  That’s my girl!

And what was I doing while Todd and Grace were painting the town?

I was painting my kitchen!!!


And re-upholstering my breakfast room chairs!!!


And sewing new draperies!!!


In addition to painting my walls, I sanded and painted our cabinetry white.  It was a LOT of work, but totally worth it.   It really brightens up the room and makes me feel happy when I cook!

We thoroughly enjoyed the week together, and Grace was sad to see daddy go back to work on Monday.  Back to reality!


Mrs. Sprinkles said...

Wow. Your kitchen looks amazing!

cal+claire said...

Y'all are so fun! I know Grace had a blast last week. I'm so glad you were able to redo your kitchen- it looks great!

Todd J. said...

We also had a bounce house that Grace played in for the week provided by a company in Weatherford called Bounce Around. Also, we went fishing the first part of the week. Good times!