Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Few Thoughts About The ‘Lost’ Finale

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For a few torturous minutes, I thought we wouldn’t be able to watch the ‘Lost’ finale live, since our satellite dish decided to break on Sunday evening around 5:30.  I immediately got on the phone with Dish Network, where the rep calmly informed me we needed a whole new system due to wind and weather damage.  They would be out first thing in the morning.  That didn’t solve our problem! 

Todd fooled around with the satellite dish and the TV for a while after I got off the phone, and he actually managed to get ABC to work!  No other channels, just ABC! That’s divine intervention, people.

Overall, I was happy with the finale.  Many of my questions were answered (not all…) and the character resolutions were emotionally satisfying.  Here were my top 5 favorite moments of the finale:

  1. Frank’s plane flying over Jack as he lay in the bamboo field dying.  Talk about coming full circle.  I literally got chills.
  2. The Sawyer/Juliet reunion was my favorite.  Wow.  Charlie’s face when he saw Claire was a close second.
  3. Hurley becoming protector of the island and asking Ben to be his right-hand man.  Ben, to me, was the most interesting character on the show.  I loved watching his struggle with evil and his driving search for significance and acceptance.  This, my friends, is the heart of man.
  4. Kate shooting Smokey and professing her love to Jack. 
  5. Hurley’s Star Wars-related one-liners.  Classic.

Here were a few of my disappointments during the finale:

  1. Why did Sayid end up with Shannon instead of Nadia?  Weird.
  2. Why did Jack’s dad get the honor of being the “shepherd?”
  3. Ben didn’t go into the church.  Even though he asked forgiveness of Locke and presumably lived the rest of his life honorably (according to Hurley) while protecting the island.
  4. Many of my questions weren’t answered. 

And speaking of not finding out answers, let me say a word about that.  I understand that the writers want us to focus on the relationships between the characters and the bigger picture, blah, blah, blah.  And that aspect of the show is very satisfying to me. 


The writers built up the mysteries as such an important part of the series, hooking people in and making us think so hard.  They are fully aware of how important people consider these mysteries.  Just look at how popular the Lost message boards have become!  Considering that, it’s somewhat of a slap in the face to totally ignore so many questions.  In order to make the characters the central focus of the show, it is not necessary to throw the mystery resolutions under the bus.  Just sayin’….

Anyway, that said, I still feel like this is the most amazing and epic show to ever be created in the history of television.  I’m sorry to see it be over, and it will be hard to see these Lost actors/actresses appear in any other film or show! 

And I’m totally rooting for a spinoff to be created that shows what happens on the island while Hurley and Ben are protectors!


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