Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wedding Weekend

We had a fun-filled and busy weekend, full of sweet family and friends celebrating the marriage of Cal and Claire.  Last summer, they asked Grace to be the flower girl, and Grace has been eagerly anticipating the moment ever since she realized that she would wear a princess tiara for the ceremony!

Of course, we spent quite a while explaining to her that CLAIRE AND CAL were getting married, not HER.  Whoa.  Please put on the brakes about 30 years! 

Anyway, Thursday night was Claire’s bachelorette party, and I had tons of fun making a few treats for the girls to enjoy.  Here are my wedding cake pops.  It’s white brandied cake dipped in white chocolate candy on a lollipop stick!  I couldn’t resist adding the candy pearls and tiny poinsettias.

Ann's Memory Card 002 And here’s the main cake.  It’s devil’s food with chocolate truffle filling, covered in fondant to look like a lingerie gift box!

Ann's Memory Card 003 Friday night was the rehearsal.  We took a few pictures before we left the house.  I don’t think the basket left her hand all night…she loved it.

Ann's Memory Card 007 Ann's Memory Card 013Here she is with beautiful Claire at the rehearsal.

Ann's Memory Card 017We took time during a break for a quick family photo.  I’m not sure what Todd and I are looking at.  We can just never seem to get a good photo, which is why nobody’s getting a Christmas card again this year.  Well, that and because I’m a terrible procrastinator.

Ann's Memory Card 023Now it’s Saturday and we’re getting ready before the wedding.  I got dizzy after a while watching her twirl around constantly in her “princess dress” in front of the mirror.

Ann's Memory Card 027

Here she is before the ceremony with Cal, the eager groom.

Ann's Memory Card 051

Another blurry, failed attempt to get a good picture for a last-minute Christmas card.

Ann's Memory Card 035 Minutes before the wedding….

Ann's Memory Card 037After much prayer, stress, and anxiety, I was relieved that she did great during her walk down the aisle!  She smiled, walked slowly, and threw the flowers perfectly.  She also did great with all the pictures and did everything the photographer asked her to do.  We were so thankful and happy that she enjoyed herself!

And here she is after the ceremony holding her audience captive with a highly entertaining story, I’m sure…

Ann's Memory Card 064I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any pictures of the beautiful reception because there were no Kodak moments.  Our sweet flower girl reached her sweet and obedient limit for the day and was in no mood to dance or party.  I didn’t take pictures of anybody or anything else at the reception because I was dealing with her dramatic mood shift.   We decided to call it a night around 9:30 and go home to get her in bed after a long and exhausting day. 

What a complete pleasure it was for our family to be involved in such a wonderful, God-honoring union of two precious people.  We wish Cal and Claire many wonderful years together as they build a family of faith.


Mrs. Sprinkles said...

That is the best flower girl dress ever! I'm sure she had a ton of fun.

the lewisi female said...

First of all, the cake and cake pops were AMAZING! They were a huge hit and soo cute!

Secondly, I think in that picture was when grace told me, "I'm not going to bed, I'm going to party!" haha... she is soo precious!

It was good to see you!

cal+claire said...

I agree with Lindsey it was hiiilarious when she told us that she was going to the party haha.

She was so wonderful, we had a great time with and it meant so much to me that your family was involved in the wedding!

p.s. there is a VERY lovely picture of all three of you on the knight photo website ( if you go to the storefront tab and search thompson and click on our link. You can buy them right there online, and buying only one (if it's not a huge one) isn't too expensive!

much love!